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The things She Learns From Her Dad


What mum wouldn’t feel loved when she wakes up in the morning to some imaginary ‘co-hee (coffee)‘ in a hollow cardboard block?

Very good?“, she asks me, turning back at the door.

Very good!“, I agree.

With my morning cuppa in one hand and the coffee-in-a-stack-a-block in the other, I got thinking of some of the things that my daughter has learnt by watching her dad.

I came up with this list:

  1. Make tea for mama. (Yeah, I’m lucky that way)
  2. Moisturize mama’s legs. She saw him do it once and is now happy to ‘help’ me every time.
  3. Exercise. He’s always doing planks or push-ups when he has 30 seconds to spare. She does her version of it.
  4. Sings while working. Sings pretty well too, just like dad. She recognizes songs from the music. (I’ll be damned if I can do either!)
  5. Says “Sorry” instead of “Excuse Me”. She pushes me aside as she does that, instead of waiting for me to make way for her. Exactly how he does it!
  6. Yells out to mama as soon as she steps out of the shower. I bet the neighbours hear it too.
  7. If she’s told we’re going out, she’s ready within 5 minutes and waiting at the door. Two minutes later, she’s bringing my shoes to wherever I am. She doesn’t get why I have a heap of things to do before leaving.
  8. Loves attention. “Ammamma (grandma)!“, she yells if she catches my mum watching the telly while on Skype with her.
  9. OCD. Obsessive about everything – mama’s phone for mama only, dada can only sit on dada’s chair…
  10. Loves books. She loves reading and she remembers when we tell her stories from the book. Just once is all it takes.

I lie. I didn’t come up with the entire list by myself, while drinking my morning tea. It was harder than I thought, so her dad helped me finish it. We got side-tracked with other things half a dozen times along the way. Guess who else does that?



I used to wonder whether I could ever be a parent. Then I became one. I was handed a delicate little bundle that I was terrified of bringing home. I didn't know how to be a parent and I was sure 'winging it' was not the right way to do it. Little did I know at the time that there is no right way. The baby knew what she wanted and all I had to do was figure it out along the way. As she grows up, she helps me learn what I need to know... I just need to pay attention to her.

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