I am a mum. She is my toddler. She is a threenager. She behaves like she is my mum.

At first, I was just someone trying to keep a little human being alive, while trying to remain sane at the same time. A year later, I realized I was a mother. I am the one everyone says will know what is best for her baby. I don’t know if I know that but I have a crazy kid and I try my best.

In the meanwhile, the kid has been teaching me a few things herself. Every day is an exciting new experience. Some days I wish I could tear my hair apart or bury my head in the sand but there are also those days when I marvel at how beautiful this little person has made my life. What’s new, you ask? Well, nothing if you are already a mum. Everything, because you’re not me and you don’t have R in your life.

Let me tell you my story. Stop by, say something, share your stories with me.


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